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Aladyn System is an award-winning wireless charging technology that will transform the way consumers and industries charge and power electronic devices at home, in the office, in the car. Aladyn System provides wireless power to multiple devices, resulting in a wireless experience that keeps users from having to connect their devices.

Aladyn Wireless Power 1.png



Aladyn System differs from conventional wireless power systems in that it delivers power at a distance, to multiple devices.
Transmission of electrical energy by resonance allows the use of mobile devices without the need for unsightly wires.
In addition, our system is not affected by obstacles such as the wall of your home.


The Aladyn System technology is easily scalable. 

With only one transmitter you can power:

1 electronic device of 70 watts at the distance of 50 centimeters.

Up to 4 electronic devices of 17,6 watts at the distance of 1 meter.

Up to 16 electronic devices of 4,4 watts at the distance of 2 meter.

Up to 64 electronic devices of 1,1 watts at the distance of 4 meters.

Up to 256 electronic devices of 0,275 watts at the distance of 8 meters.

Aladyn Wireless Power 3.png
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